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Marcellus Pressure Gradient

Marcellus Net Thickness

Net thickness Marcellus Shale


The Appalachian Basin's Marcellus Shale is widely considered to be the largest natural gas field in the world, with as much as 1,400 TCF of technically recoverable reserves (Wrightstone 2014) and a footprint of nearly 50 million acres.

Greg was responsible for publicly presenting his analysis of predictive geologic controls on production very early in the play development. His presentations included the first predictive mapping relating production quality to pressure, thickness, structure and TOC.

You can access many of Greg's presentations and papers here.

  • Peak MCFePD & Cumulative produced
  • Production summary of all Marcellus producing wells


  • Net Thickness of Organic-rich Marcellus using GR as proxy for TOC (>60 API over baseline)
  • Gamma Ray Foot (GRFT) - combines net thickness and estimated TOC (GR proxy)
  • Thermal Maturity - Vitrinite Reflectance (Ro)
  • Marcellus Pressure Gradient Mapping
  • Gas in Place
  • Thickness mapping of Marcellus, Hamilton, Tully & Burket
  • Drilling Depth
  • Regional Structure
  • Wang (2012 WVU) Quartz-rich organic facies mapping in useful form


  • Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines (existing and planned)
  • Product Pipelines (existing and planned)