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Gregory Wrightstone has more than 35 years of direct geologic and exploration experience focusing mainly on the Appalachian Basin. He can assist you in identification of resources or take your  evaluation processes to the next level. 

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Wrightstone Energy has invested in the software and hardware needs to accomplish your objectives:

  • LMKR Geographix Mapping Software
  • ArcGis Geographic Information System
  • Regular updates from state regulatory agencies provide timely data for latest drilling information

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Featured speaker at International Shale Gas conference in Ahmedabad, India (10/6/2016) sponsored by the Directorate General of Hydrocarbon and Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University.


Providing consulting services to the energy industry, legal services community and landowners.

Wrightstone has extensive mapping projects completed for Marcellus, Utica & Burket Shales.

With more than 35 years of direct geologic and exploration experience primarily devoted to both conventional & unconventional reservoirs in the Appalachian Basin, Greg can effectively evaluate and fulfill your needs.
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